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ADEY MagnaClean Micro MCMW001 22mm Filter System Protector

(Code: 5514003C)
ADEY MagnaClean Micro MCMW001 22mm Filter System Protector provides an effective and compact protection for central heating systems. Easy to install and maintain for your conveniences. Magna Filters are a subject of 2 year guarantee.
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  1. The product MagnaClean Micro MCMW001 22mm is a central heating filter manufactured by Adey. This filter helps to protect the central heating systems. It is easy to install and maintain for your conveniences. It has a compact design, it is 155 mm x 100mm. It can reduce energy bills by up to 6%. It will help to prolong the live of your boiler.
  2. Canister and lid
    Material Glass fibre reinforced nylon
    Fluid capacity 0.47 litres
    Inlet diameter 22 mm at valve
    Outlet diameter 22 mm at valve
    Thread Pressure thread
    Flow configuration Bi-directional - any port can be inlet

    Housing Stainless steel       
    Length 150 mm
    Diameter 19 mm
    Body material  Nickel plated brass
    Screw material  Nickel plated brass
     Retainer material  Nickel plated brass
     Ball material  Stainless steel
     Spring material  Stainless steel
     Outer hex  17 mm

    Tripe seal valves
    Body material Nickel plated brass
    Seal material            Long life PTFE                  
    O ring material Twin shaft in nitrile 70 and extra packing gland
    Thread 22 mm

  3. To find out more details about the product. Have a look on the following instructions.