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Aqualisa Concealed Bath Shower Mixer Dream DCV DRMDCV004

(Code: DD50973)
Discontinued Product
Aqualisa Concealed bath shower mixer Dream DCV DRMDCV004 is sleek, versatile and beautifully designed. This stunning, high-end range of thermostatic mixer showers provides a precise and reliable performance. A separate on/off/divert and temperature control lever offers far greater control and precision.
£ 554.79
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  1. Description of Aqualisa Concealed Bath Shower Mixer Dream DCV DRMDCV004:

    Aqualisa Concealed bath shower mixer Dream™ DCV uses Harmony adjustable shower heads to deliver 4 spray patterns, including an ‘Eco’ spray pattern which can aid water saving by up to 25%.
    ✔ Luxurious slimline concealed valve
    ✔ Temperature override button for extra safety
    ✔ Separate on/off and temperature control levers for greater control
    ✔ Metal controls with luxury chrome finish
    ✔ ‘Eco’ spray setting delivers up to 25% water saving without compromising performance
    ✔ Suits High Pressure and Combi Boiler water systems only
    ✔ 4 sprays patterns available for adjustable shower head Harmony: Inner, Middle, Outer, Eco
    ✔ Adjustable shower head diameter for Dream™ DCV: 105mm
    ✔ Adjustable head depth from the wall: 350mm max
    ✔ Bath overflow filler: 25mm x 70mm
    ✔ Diameter of the wall plate: 140mm x 200mm max
    ✔ Easy clean nozzles
    ✔ Chrome plated metal hose – length 1.5m
    ✔ Flow control with integral diverter for easy switching between outlets
  2. Features of Aqualisa Concealed Bath Shower Mixer Dream DCV DRMDCV004:

    ✔ Easy clean nozzles
    ✔ Easy click spray selector
    ✔ Anti-twist hose connector
    ✔ Aqualisa Pinch Grip™ slider
    ✔ Adjustable rail fitting