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Aqualisa Electric Shower 9.5kW Lumi White/Chrome LME9521

(Code: DD50976)
Discontinued Product
Aqualisa Electric shower 9.5kw Lumi White/Chrome LME9521. Make the ultimate style statement and illuminate your senses with Aqualisa Lumi Electric. Featuring a mirrored glass fascia and illuminated panel. Let reflection and light brighten your day.
£ 364.93
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  1. Description of Aqualisa Electric Shower 9.5kW Lumi White/Chrome LME9521:

    Aqualisa Electric shower 9.5kw Lumi White/Chrome LME9521 has redefined electric showers. A design statement of mirror and light that offers you a complete sensorial experience every day. Start and stop the shower with the sensory touch control and immerse yourself under the luxurious Harmony shower head. Aqualisa Lumi™ Electric’s temperature control is made from Aerospace grade stainless steel.
    Key features:
    ✔ Luxury, mirrored glass fascia with illuminated panel
    ✔ Sensory touch start/stop control
    ✔ Aerospace grade brushed stainless steel temperature control
    ✔ Unique ‘Over Temperature Protection’ system for safer family showering
    ✔ Delayed shutdown flushes away residual hot water, reducing limescale build-up
    ✔ Harmony Electric head with 5 spray settings
    ✔ Anti-twist hose connection
    ✔ Easy clean nozzles reduce limescale build-up
    ✔ Performance ratings: 9.5kW
    ✔ Suitable for mains cold water systems only
    ✔ Adjustable shower head diameter: 105mm
    ✔ Length of the shower rail: 450mm
    ✔ Width from the wall: 100mm max with knobs, 80mm without knobs
    ✔ Deluxe chrome hose – length 1.25m

  2. Features of Aqualisa Electric Shower 9.5kW Lumi White/Chrome LME9521:

    ✔ Easy clean nozzles
    ✔ Easy click spray selector
    ✔ Anti-twist hose connector
    ✔ Chrome Pinch Grip™ slider
    ✔ Gel hanger
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