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ATAG Cube CT000444

(Code: CT000444)
ATAG Cube CT000444
£ 142.80
£ 64.26
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  1. The ATAG Cube CT000444 description is:

    ATAG ONE Zone controller allows heating and hot water to be adjusted from any location, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s easy-to-use, internet-connected and will help you grow and protect your service and maintenance work by identifying issues at the earliest possible moment.

    Use the Cube thermostat on its own or with the ATAG ONE Zone controller to control a heating zone heating.
  2. ✔ Quick and simple installation process
    ✔ Works as an individual controller or part of the ATAG zoning system
    ✔ Boiler Plus ready
    ✔ Enables modulating heat demands
    ✔ 4 control modes: manual, schedule, override and off
    ✔ Easy to read large LCD display
    ✔ Contemporary design
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