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Fernox F3 Express Central Heating Cleaner 280ml 62388

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Fernox Cleaner F3 is a quick and effective cleaner for central heating systems. It is designed to remove all debris, sludge, and scale from existing systems of all ages. In this way, it will restore heating efficiency and eliminate or reduce boiler noise.

It has been designed for pre-commission cleansing new installations in accordance with BS7593:1992, removing flux residues and other debris, thereby helping extend the life of a system. For older sludged systems, Cleaner F3 is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a power flushing unit. If the system is heavily scaled the use of Fernox Superconcentrate System Cleaner is recommended.

£ 18.95
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  1. Description of the article Fernox F3 Express Central Heating Cleaner 280ml 62388:

    The Fernox F3 Express is a no mess, no hassle aerosol product which has been designed to make the job of dosing a central heating system quick and simple. Fernox F3 is a heavy duty, pH neutral cleaner which is designed to remove sludge and debris in existing and aged heating systems.

    This product is universally compatible with all central heating systems. Because of its versatility, it's highly regarded as one of the best central heating cleaners on the market.
  2. Quick, convenient and simple to use – doses in 30 seconds
    ✔ Added via a radiator adapter or filling loop supplied
    ✔ Compatible with all metals and materials including aluminium
    ✔ Removes sludge and scale and restores heating efficiency
    ✔ Removes flux residues and other debris
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