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Grundfos COMFORT 15-14 B PM Circulating Pump 99164484

(Code: 1144420)
The Grundfos COMFORT PM pumps for domestic hot-water recirculation in single- and two-family houses are suitable for drinking water with a corrosion-resistant pump housing. The pump is equipped with a high-efficiency permanent-magnet motor.
£ 163.80
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  1. Description of Grundfos COMFORT 15-14 B PM Circulating Pump 99164484:

    The Grundfos Comfort B PM and BX PM pumps are designed for recirculation of domestic hot water in single and two-family houses securing hot water instantly to all faucets.

    The pumps have a corrosion-resistant pump housing suitable for drinking water and are powered by a single-phase, high-efficiency ECM with a permanent-magnet rotor. COMFORT B PM and BX PM meet homeowner requirements for continuous operation. COMFORT BX PM has a built-in isolating valve and a non-return valve (fitting). This ensures that maintenance can be carried out without draining the system. The non-return valve also prevents reversed flow during operation.

  2. Features of Grundfos COMFORT 15-14 B PM Circulating Pump 99164484:

    ✔ Suitable for domestic hot water recirculation
    ✔ Built-in isolating valve
    ✔ Non-return valve
    ✔ Silent operation
    ✔ Corrosion-free brass housing
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