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M1D1 Water Softener - Meter Control PSK - 22mm (SK-15)

M1D1 Water Softener - Meter Control PSK - 22mm (SK-15)
Great Water
Great Water
(Code: M1D1 STD)
£ 389.00(425.54 €)



  1. The Great Water M1D1 is the result of a collaboration between Erie controls, one of the longest established, international manufacturers of water softeners and control valves and Great Water.

    Peace of Mind: European regulations state that a minimum guarantee period should be provided. With the proven reliability of our water softeners, we give an additional 5 years guarantee totally free of charge - giving you 7 years*.

    Your Great choice: Whilst reliability is important, the M1D1 balances performance and design style with a compact package. From an easily viewed control panel, with backlit display, to the high capacity resin vessel, every softener has been built to the highest standards without compromise.

    Economy Option: Up to 56% salt saving over conventional softeners. Just 1. Kg of salt per regeneration- 17 kg salt storage.

    Suitable - Easy and quick to install: Design to be suitable whereever you wants. Overall Height 575mm. Width 275mm. Compatible for all types of plumbing systems. 1 - 5 Pepole.

    Intelligent choice: The M1D1 features meter control, with the added features of a clock and our unique Self Protect Programme (SPP). They measure the water used and regenerate to individual household requirements. The intelligent "SPP" chip and the clock ensures there is enough soft water available to delay the regeneration until 2am*, a time when little, if any, water is being used. Meter Control with proportional brining as standard - only regenerates the resin (food grade) that has been used.


    ✔Easy view control panel with back lit display

    ✔Easy push button set up - only takes a few seconds.

    ✔17 Kg salt storage

    ✔Unique Self Protect Programme

    a. Delays regeneration until 2am

    b. Stores data in the event of a power cut

    c. Initiates an additional regeneration if ever required

    d. Learns and remembers your water usage patterns to make substantial savings on salt and water used

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