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Roca The Gap Soft Close Toilet Seat and Cover - White 801472004

(Code: 801472004)
The Roca GAP was designed by Antonio Bullo, this collection delivers a compact, modern and functional style. The GAP toilet seat is a fantastic option to optimise your bathroom, modern with square shape and and stylish lines make it an smart choice
£ 79.89
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  1. Description of Roca The Gap Soft Close Toilet Seat And Cover - White 801472004:

    What better way to freshen up your bathroom than with a new, stylish, square toilet seat? The Roca The Gap Collection Toilet Seat is the perfect choice for any modern home. This sleek and sophisticated design will look right at home in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. The easy-to-use soft close hinges sit atop a sturdy base, which has been constructed from white vitreous china.

    Front and back mounted bolts help fit this cover over your old one effortlessly. A chrome hinge completes the high-style appearance of this 1/2 inch thick toilet seat; it's so durable, no one would be able to tell that it didn't come standard with your bathroom set! The gap collection was created by Antonio Bullo, a highly reputable designer, specialising in ceramics. This toilet seat and cover is compatible with the GAP range of toilets.
  2. ✔ Modern Square shape
    ✔ Luxury white
    ✔ Compatible with the GAP range of toilets
    ✔ Genuine Roca toilet seat
    ✔ Anti-bacterial
    ✔ Product code 801472004
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