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Rothenberger 88802E PIPESLICE Tube Cutter 15mm - 22mm available

(Code: HH71691)
Automatic self-clamping and self-alignment single-handed tube cutter, for cutting 22 mm copper pipe.
Fitting size :
£ 12.30
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  1. Description of the article Rothenberger 88802E PIPESLICE Tube Cutter 15mm - 22mm available

    Pipeslice™ is the original genuine pipe cutting tool and The Corgi award winner for technical innovation.

    It is a single handed plumbing tool that makes copper pipe cutting easy, with just a few simple twists of the wrist.

    The practical design allows single handed operation with automatic adjusting and locking-on for ease of use. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, Pipeslice™ provides the ultimate clean cut through copper piping in both accessable and confined spaces.

    Pipeslice™ comes corrosion resistant Electroplate Zinc Plated and Trivalent Passivate.
  2. ✔ The Origial Pipeslice™
    ✔ Zinc Plated.
    ✔ Replacement cutting wheels available (No.88803) for continuous accurate cutting with minimal burr.
    ✔ Allows single handed pipe cutting on clipped pipes and in confined spaces.
    ✔ Made in Britain.
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