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Sanislim 1054/1 waste Macerator pump

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Sanislim Macerator 1054  with Reduced Depth takes waste from a WC and waste water from a wash basin, shower or bidet, pumping it away to 4 metres vertically, 40 metres horizontally or a lesser combination of both.A clearance of 320 mm is required from floor level to the underside of a close coupled suite to accommodate the discharge elbow.

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  1. Description of the article Sanislim 1054/1 waste Macerator pump

    The Sanislim enables you to install a completely new bathroom with 2 side inlets, you can include a WC, basin, bidet and shower in your new room with just one Saniflo unit. A macerator is a pump that can be installed to take black waste water away from WC's, basins, showers and a range of other appliances. It is a pump featuring a cutting blade that grinds up waste into pulp for discharge through small bore pipework to a drain pipe.

    The Sanislim fits unobtrusively behind a WC and it’s slim dimensions mean it is the perfect choice for slimline sanitaryware. It discharges through 22mm pipework and needs clearance of 320mm from the floor level to the underside of a closed couple suite to accommodate the discharge elbow. It is quieter and more efficient than other products on the market.
  2. ✔ Designed to fit behind the latest slimline styles of WC
    ✔ Deals with all waste from a small bathroom in your home
    ✔ Inlets either side of unit
    ✔ Pumps up to 2.5m vertically or 40m horizontally
    ✔ Inlets either side of unit
  4. To find out more details about the product. Have a look on the following instructions.

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Not yet fitted but all looks great so fingers crossed.
Damian C.