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Strom Electric Water Heaters

Find the perfect Strom water heater for your needs at Plumb2U. Our collection includes a variety of efficient and durable water heaters, designed to provide exceptional performance and energy savings. Explore our range to find detailed product features and competitive prices tailored to enhance your hot water system.

Electric Boilers

Our electric boilers are available in a range of options including combi, system and regular boilers. We place a focus on ensuring our electric boilers are manufactured by leading suppliers including Trianco and Strom. This provides complete peace of mind because they come with extensive warranties and impressive reliability. We have boilers to fit all kinds of budgets ranging from boilers that are ideal for small properties through to large properties. They are compact and quiet and are commonly suitable for those properties that are off the gas grid. They can deliver hot water and heating with efficiency and they can be sited almost anywhere in the property. They are silent and provide almost a zero-risk of carbon monoxide. Furthermore, they are simple to operate and benefit from having minimal moving parts which helps to enhance reliability.

Gas Boilers

We offer a wide range of Gas boilers from recognised manufacturers. Our range includes Regular, System and Combi boilers and you can find different sizes to suit all your need.