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Triton Aspirante White Gloss 9.5kW Elecric Shower

Triton Aspirante White Gloss 9.5kW Elecric Shower
(Code: DD73028)
GROHE 39053000 can help you reduce the amount of water used by your toilet flushing system without compromising its performance. Equipped with Grohe EcoJoy technology for less water and perfect flow. Also,the Grohe Starlight chrome finish ensures the durability of the material.
£ 129.00
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  1. Description of the article Triton Aspirante White Gloss 9.5kW Elecric Shower

    Compact, easy to use electronic shower which helps reduce the limescale buildup. Whether you’re out to add a cool feature to your bathroom or find inspiration for a complete bathroom renovation, Aspirante puts cutting-edge design at the heart of your bathroom. 

  2. Easy to use – Illuminated soft touch buttons power you up, power you down, and everything in between
  3. Compact slim design
  4. Push button Start/Stop to select your favourite shower setting every time
  5. Phased shutdown - Flushes out preheated water after use to help reduce limescale build up
  6. 3 showerhead spray patterns
  7. Rub clean nozzles
  8. Twist and lock shower holder mechanism
  9. Soap dish
  10. White gloss finish
  11. 2-year manufacturer guarantee

  12.  Technical specifications:
  13. Shower head diameter: 110mm / 4inches
  14. Rail diameter: 25mm / 0.98inches 
  15. Rail length: 530mm / 20.87inches
  16. Distance between rail brackets: 530mm / 20.87inches
  17. Hose lenght: 1.25m
  18. Plumbing system: Cold mains
  19. Water entry points: Top, Bottom, Back: Right Hand Side - Bottom, Back
  20. Left Hand Side: Top, Bottom, Back
  21. Outlet connectionL 1/2" BSP
  22. Min running pressure/flow: 1 Bar @ 8 l/min : 1.5 Bar @ 11 l/min for 10.5kW
  23. Max static pressure: 10 Bar

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