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Wirquin 1/2-Inch 15mm Jollyfill Brass Side Entry Inlet Float Valve - 90° Rotating Head 10120034

(Code: 16300201)
Jolly fill range from Wirquin is a user-friendly WRAS approved professional range offering solutions for all tank sizes.

£ 11.76
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  1. The Wirquin 16300201 Jollyfill Brass is 90° rotating head to be located in even the smallest of corners tanks. The inlet valve is easy to maintain and can be completed whilst still inside the cistern. The working pressure is 0.1 to 16 bar resistant to peaks of pressure of up to 20 bar also work with delayed action improving water saving.
  2. ✔Water saving delayed action
    ✔ Rotating head allows 90° movement 
    ✔ Working pressure 0.1 to 16 bar
    ✔ Quick and easy to install and maintain
    ✔ Fast filling and ultra quiet shut off (only 17db)
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