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Wirquin Black Touch Nano 6.7 Quick Clac All-in-One Basin Waste & Trap 30120584

(Code: 30120584)
Wirquin Black Touch Nano 6.7 Quick Clac, a revolutionary basin waste & trap in one.
£ 27.49
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  1. Wirquin Black Touch Nano 6.7 Quick Clac All In One Basin Waste and Trap

    Wirquin NANO 6.7 basin waste and trap all-in-one is a unique space saving trap, only 6.7cm height under the basin, maximising space and reducing installation time.
  2. ✔ Quick Clac waste with matt black dome for a modern finish to any basin
    ✔ Space Saving: takes up 3 times less space than a classic trap
    ✔ Hygienic: quick and easy to clean thanks to the top access membrane trap
    ✔ No Smell Guarantee: membrane trap replaces the traditional water seal for an unrivalled performance against bad smells
    ✔ Time Saving: quick installation without tools
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