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Adey MagnaClean Atom 22mm Chemical Pack FL1-03-05120

(Code: 5514046)
The new MagnaClean Atom the super compact, space saving filter. Chemical pack includes the MagnaClean Atom filter, ADEY MC1+ Rapide, ADEY MC3+ Rapide, plus accessories.
£ 122.40
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  1. Description of Adey MagnaClean Atom 22mm Chemical Pack FL1-03-05120:

    MagnaClean Atom® 22mm Boiler Filter protects the central heating system against the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge. The super-compact design provides an opportunity to fit a filter into previously inaccessible spaces.

    This chemical pack includes the following:
    • MagnaClean Atom filter
    • ADEY MC1+ Rapide Protector
    • ADEY MC3+ Rapide Cleaner
    • Slip socket
    • Valve spanner
    • Installation and servicing guide
    • Warranty card

    The benefits of installing the MagnaClean Atom include a 6% annual saving on heating bills, extended system life and reduced carbon emissions. 2-year manufacturer warranty when registered within 30 days of installation.
  2. Features of Adey Magnaclean Atom 22mm Chemical Pack FL1-03-05120:

    ✔ Fits vertical and horizontal pipework for additional flexibility
    ✔ Only 115mm pipe cut-out length needed to install so can fit into even the tightest of spaces
    ✔ Filter can be switched to bypass so no need to turn off the heating system when servicing
    ✔ Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation saving time on-site
    ✔ Quick and easy chemical dosing using ADEY Rapide products, supplied in this chemical pack
    ✔ High performance MC1+ Protector prevents both system corrosion and limescale deposition
    ✔ MC3+ is a rapid performing and powerful chemical cleaner specially designed to remove central heating system sludge and debris
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