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When it comes to ensuring that yourunderfloor heating system is working efficiently, it makes sense to havemanifolds that you can rely on. Manifolds work by becoming the central focus ofany underfloor heating system. They are used by taking hot water and thendistributing this through the pipes and to the rest of the underfloor heatingsystem. This is then routed back out of the inlet pipes and into the manifold,it is from here that it then goes to the heater to be heated up again. Whatthis means is that manifolds play an integral role in the efficiency andreliability of your heating system and that’s why it makes sense to usemanufacturers that you can rely on. We stock a number of models and accessoriesthat are made using a range of materials, ensuring you find the right productfor your system. With affordable solutions and manifolds in a range of sizes,we are confident that we have products that will do exactly what you want themto do.