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Manifolds and Accessories

Manifolds are a central component in underfloor heating systems, playing a critical role in their efficient operation. They serve as the core distribution point, responsible for taking hot water and effectively channeling it through the network of pipes running beneath the floor. As hot water circulates through these pipes, it provides the necessary warmth to the indoor space, and then returns to the manifold through the inlet pipes. This closed-loop system ensures consistent heating and the continuous reutilization of heated water.
The reliability and performance of the underfloor heating system are heavily reliant on the manifold's proper functioning. To meet various system requirements, manifolds come in different models, often accompanied by a selection of accessories. These manifolds may be constructed from different materials to suit specific needs, impacting both durability and overall performance.
Manifold sizing also varies to accommodate diverse system demands and building sizes. It's crucial to select the right size to ensure the manifold can effectively distribute hot water throughout the underfloor heating system.A range of affordable solutions is available, making it possible to find manifolds that align with your budget and heating system requirements.