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Our Kitchen Taps collection at Plumb2U is curated to suit every kitchen's needs and styles. Our wide range of kitchen taps includes pillar taps, sink mixer taps, bib taps and instant hot water taps, all designed to make your kitchen chores a breeze. Our kitchen taps come in various styles and finishes, from modern to traditional, so you can choose one that complements your kitchen's design. At Plumb2U, we only offer the best quality kitchen taps from top brands such as Bristan, GROHE, and Reginox. Our taps are not only stylish but also durable and long-lasting, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen. We have various ranges of kitchen taps to cater to every budget, so you can find the perfect tap for your kitchen without breaking the bank. Kitchen taps are essential in every kitchen, and we know that our customers want the best. That's why we offer a variety of kitchen taps to meet every need. Whether you want a stylish sink mixer tap for your modern kitchen or a traditional pillar tap for a classic look, we have got you covered. With Plumb2U, you can be assured of quality, durability, and style in every kitchen tap you purchase.
Bristan Ruby EasyFit Sink Kitchen Tap RU SNK EF C
(Code: CC12919A)
£ 112.97
(-6.61%) £ 105.50