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Unvented Cylinders

Unvented Cylinders at

Unvented cylinders are connected directly to the mains water supply and with that comes an enhanced water flow rate. This ensures that the flow of water in baths and showers is improved. They work differently to vented cylinders as there is no requirement for a feeder tank and that makes it possible to save space while also making it a convenient solution when it comes to heating water. It is a sealed system and that means that the risk of contaminated water is lower when it comes to water moving from the cold water tank to the hot water tank.
We stock a wide range of unvented cylinders from the likes of Gledhill which enables you to benefit from exceptional quality and durability. They all comply with building regulations and are ideal for those homes that have a pressurised heating system. An unvented cylinder will give you access to high-pressure hot water without the need for a gravity-fed water tank, offering comfort and convenience.