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Analogue Room Thermostats

Analogue thermostat range at Plumb2u

If you are looking for a simple and effective way of managing your heating, then our analogue room thermostats offer everything you need. We have products from leading manufacturers such as Honeywell Home and Polypipe which means that you can take advantage of excellent features and functionality. Unlike digital thermostats, analogue thermostats can give you close control in a simple way. This will give you one simple device that can be installed in the home, giving you control over your heating and the temperature of your home. This one single device will enable you to set the temperature for all rooms in your home, enabling you to create a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout. Offering a varied range of temperatures and easy wall mounting, you can take advantage of a simple-to-use solution that fits around your home. When paired up with your programmers and time switches, you will be able to save money on your bills and reduce the amount of energy you use.
Polypipe Dial Room Thermostat UFHDIALB
£ 46.59
Salus HTR24 Dial Thermostat 24V HTR24
(Code: 3300701)
£ 19.99