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Find the best electric shower 2020

On, you will find an extensive range of electric showers. Electric showers are shower unit that pressurise and heat cold water thanks to an internal heating element. Thus, there is no mix between warm and cold water to get the appropriate temperature. We provide the best selling brands, such as Triton, Bristan and Aqualisa, which are renowned for their solidity and their overall quality. You can choose between different electrical powers : from 8.5kw to 10.5kw. Of course, the more power you choose, the more efficient your electric shower unit will be. Note that electric showers are suitable for both low and high water pressure. You can also have a look at our range of mixer showers, digital showers and power showers.

Check out our electric showers on sale:

Bristan Smile Electric Shower - 8.5Kw
(Code: DD52109A)
£ 100.00
(-8.57%) £ 91.43
Triton T40i Wall Mounted Shower Booster Pump
(Code: DD72105)
Discontinued Product
£ 122.75