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Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls are now becoming a popular addition in the home. As more of us are looking for new ways to use our heating and save on our bills, smart heating controls are the solution that we have been looking for. Using an app, you can manage your usage on the move which means that you can control your heating and how you use your system from any location. This will enable you to set your heating to turn on when you arrive home and to turn off when you leave, helping to save energy and make your heating system more energy-efficient.

Using a tablet or smartphone, you can monitor usage and even control the heating in separate rooms, all of which will enable you to stop wasting energy in rooms that are not used. This ensures that you only use the energy you need, helping to reduce the amount you spend on heating your home.
neoStat 12v v2
(Code: 2206728)
£ 64.79