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Mexco products range
Diamond Cutting and Drilling Tools that exceed the users expectations!
Mexco have produced a comprehensive range of diamond cutting discs, diamond core drills and diamond tile drills to deal with the most demanding of applications. With the Mexco range of diamond tools you can be assured of quality and product longevity, their aim is to provide great products that exceed the users expectation throughout every stage of use, giving the best possible performance at the right price, enabling the user to get the job done quickly, first time and on budget.
To combat the difficulties of drilling and cutting the hardest of floor and wall tiles Mexco have produced fast and effective drilling and cutting solutions that effortlessly cut or drill through the hardest of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and granite tiles.
If you are looking for diamond blades, diamond core drills or diamond tile drills you need look no further than the comprehensive range of diamond tools provided by Mexco. Buy online today at Plumb2u!
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The Ultra Hard Materials diamond blade has been developed to offer fast cutting of hard natural stone products and engineered fired materials such as porcelain and ceramic products. The performance of this diamond blade can be attributed to its ultra thin castellated design turbo segment enabling not only fantastic cutting performance but also a super clean cut with a huge reduction in chipping.
Mexco wax filled tile drills (HEX fitment) - Due to the quality of the components used and the uncompromised manufacturing process these tile drills offer the user a fast, accurate and cost effective solution when drilling into ultra hard materials. No more cracked or broken tiles these bits offer precise drilling in ceramics, marble, terracotta, granite and porcelain without the need for water.
Mexco have produced a comprehensive range of diamond cutting discs and core drills to deal with the most demanding of applications, these products can cut the hardest of materials from granite to the most abrasive of applications such as asphalt or tarmac. To combat the difficulties of cutting the hardest of floor and wall tiles Mexco have produced fast and effective cutting solutions that effortlessly cut through the hardest of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and granite tiles.
Plumb2U is an official stockist of Mexco products. You can find their range of products on our website from Diamond Core Drills kits to drill accessories.
Cutting discs
Cutting discs are used for cutting all types of metal and other dense or non dense material like plastic or wood for fast and straight cuts. Cutting discs are available to fit most makes and models of cutters and have various bore sizes to fit the specific power tool.
Choose the right Diamond Blade for your next job; Selecting the right diamond blade will save you both time and money!
Core drills
Core drills are cylindrical drills with a hollow bit that allows you to create a perfectly round hole in the material that you’re drilling. Because the bit is hollow, the drilling material gets extracted from the centre. This core material can be later used by engineering firms for testing and if the material was concrete for example, experts can use the sample to determine strength and stability. Core drills can also be used to drill through wood, masonry, stone, or even ice vertically, horizontally, or at an angle.
Tile drills
Effortlessly drill into Porcelain and Ceramics; Mexco offer a comprehensive range of professional Diamond Tile Drill Bits to tackle the hardest of materials!
A vacuum brazed diamond tip provides for fast drilling, ease of use, reduced mess, increased lifetime and a professional finish, a saving of both time and money. The advancement for a more effective drilling tool has been driven by the introduction of super hard decorative wall and floor tiles. With these challenging hard materials in mind Mexco have produced some of the most effective tile drilling tools on the market. No more cracked or broken tiles from using outdated technology, these bits offer fast precise drilling in porcelain, marble, granite, ceramics and other ultra hard materials.
Mexco offer a full range  of tile drills  of diameters available to combat the most common drilling and fitting jobs.
Mexco Customer Care
Mexco is always on hand providing advice, backup and support. Their knowledge, reputation for service, the ability to react to our customer’s demands, and passion, means they constantly challenge themselves to ensure that they deliver the correct product in a highly competitive market. If you need to contact Mexco, talk to your stockist in the first instance or get in touch with us direct at:
Phone 0845 602 4274
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