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Pipe Pressing Tools, Jointers & Expanders

Press tools are commonly used in plumbing and HVAC work, designed to join copper pipes without the need for fittings. These tools use hydraulic pressure to create a strong, secure seal between pipes, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.
Press tools are available from leading manufacturers such as Monument Tools and Rothenberger. They come in various designs, including battery-operated pressing tools and press chain sets. This range of options ensures that there is a tool available for every application, no matter how big or small.
Using press tools eliminates the need for traditional soldering methods, saving time and reducing the risk of damage to surrounding areas. This makes press tools a reliable and efficient option for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike.
They are a vital tool for joining copper pipes without the need for fittings. They are available in various designs and sizes from reputable manufacturers such as Monument Tools and Rothenberger, making them an essential component of any plumbing or HVAC job.
Rothenberger Romax Compact Press Jaw Set 1000002124
(Code: 1000002124)
£ 1,109.95
(-10.00%) £ 999.00
Tweetop Battery Pressing Tool 16,20,25,32mm 6959427
(Code: 06959427)
£ 1,349.99