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Cylinder and Pipe Thermostats

Cylinder and Pipe Thermostats range at Plumb2u

The cylinder and pipe thermostat is surface mounted and is used to control the temperature of hot water cylinders. This enables you to have greater control over the temperature of your water and ensures you can find the perfect temperature. They are suitable for both uninsulated and foam lagged domestic cylinders. They are simple to install with the correct knowledge and can enable you to benefit from a wide temperature range. The solid construction ensures that it is durable and designed to last. They are also made so that they are tamperproof, which ensures that the system cannot be changed unknowingly. Furthermore, we make sure that we offer products from trusted manufacturers such as Honeywell Home and Salus. When you have control over the temperature of your hot water, it will ensure that you can reduce your energy usage and keep bills down, enabling you to save money.