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Saniflo products range

Why choose Saniflo?

High Quality products
Manufacturer warranty (2-5 depending on  the item)
Manufacturer warranty
A recognised and trusted brand
Free Next day delivery available
Discounted prices available

Compare macerators

Waste macerators
  • Ideal for kitchen appliances and sinks
  • Compact for concealed installation
  • Ideal for cloakroom
  • Easy maintenance without the removal of unit
Waste system
  • Easy access for servicing and maintenance
  • Unobstrusive with a quiet motor
  • Suitable for complete en-suite bathroom
  • Pumps up to 100m horizontally

Compare pumps

  • Pumps up to 50m horizontally
  • Designed for disposal of acidic concentrate from boilers
Utility room and kitchen
  • Easy maintenance without the removal of unit
  • Two side inlets and optional top inlet
White goods
  • Ideal for commercial applications
  • Heavy duty safe, reliable pumps
  • Allows basement showers
  • Pumps up to 5m vertically or 50m horizontally


Saniflo is one of the leaders in the macerator market, mainly thanks to their continual innovation. They offer a variety of around 30 products that helps users to find the best solution for each project. Saniflo is specialized in macerators, pumps and lifting stations for both domestic and commercial markets worldwide.
They also provide the solution for keeping their product in good conditions, the Saniflo descaler designed to ensure the long life of your appliance, you are advised to regularly descale and clean the macerator and the toilet bowl. This special sanitising cleaner and descaler is perfectly designed to descale your unit without harming any of the internal components.
The Saniflo domestic range of products means you can turn that unused space into the room you desire. From a shower in the loft to an en-suite or bathroom in the basement, there is a Saniflo product to help you even if there is no mains drainage or gravity isn’t on your side. A water supply, a discharge pipe and an electrical outlet are all you need for installation of a Saniflo macerator.

Some of our best sellers

Saniflo offers an extensive range of macerators and pumps. Some of Saniflo bestsellers are below.
  • Sanivite plus
    Saniflo Sanivite+ Plus Water Macerator Pump 6004
  • Saniflo Saniplus up 6003 Toilet Macerator
    Saniflo Saniplus up 6003 Toilet Macerator BB98543
  • Saniflo Sanipro UP 6006 macerator
    Saniflo Sanipro UP 6006 macerator Lift toilet Pump
  • Saniflo Cleaner - descaler 1085 1.25 Gallon
    Saniflo Cleaner - descaler 1085 1.25 Gallon
Saniflo Sanicondens Pro Pump 1082/5
(Code: BB98512A)
£ 85.50
(-12.28%) £ 75.00
Saniflo Cleaner - descaler 1085 1.25 Gallon
(Code: BB98537)
£ 23.50
(-6.43%) £ 21.99