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Manual Rad Valves

Manual radiator valves range

If you are looking to have greater control over individual radiators in a cost-effective way then our manual rad valves are the perfect choice. These are designed to control the water flow into your radiators which enables you to turn on or off individual radiators in certain rooms. This enables you to have the heat you need in the rooms that you use while also helping to keep your energy bills down. We pride ourselves on offering affordable manual rad valves from manufacturers such as Honeywell, which guarantees that you will benefit from excellent durability and reliability. They are an integral part of your heating system and they work in the same way as a tap which means one turn is all it takes to allow more or less water to enter your radiator. If you want an easy and effective way to manage your heating systems, then we are confident that this is the solution you are looking for. The manual radiator valve is only used to control whether the radiator is on or off and keeps you in control of your radiators temperature whenever you turn it on. Have a look at our rad vales from Inta or Salus below.