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Isolation Valves

Isolation Valves at 

When it comes to replacing faulty isolationvalves or installing them as part of a full installation, we are confident thatwe have all the products you need. We make sure that we stock a comprehensiverange of isolation valves to fit your needs and your budget. You can also optfrom a variety of brands too, ensuring you can choose from manufacturers thatyou can trust. Isolation valves are used to regulate the flow of water from themains to a water service pipe. It enables you to isolate the water supply soyou can change leaking taps without the need to turn off the mains supply. Theyare designed using high-quality materials and that proves that they are made tolast, which ensures you get value-for-money. We offer them in a range ofmaterials and a choice of diameters, helping you to find the ideal solution tofit your specific needs. If you are looking for quality and a great choice,then we have all that you need.