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Gravity is an important part of plumbing systems as it makes it possible for fluids to move throughout the system. However, it is not always possible to rely on gravity and that means that fluids require assistance when it comes to moving around your system. This is where our range of macerators are all you need because they can help your system work efficiently and effectively. They are designed to turn solid waste into liquids by breaking down waste using high-speed blades before the waste is then pumped into the drainage system. They are an ideal solution in instances where you might want to add an additional bathroom to your home and the vent pipe is located on another wall. Fortunately, we have products from a range of manufacturers such as Saniflo and Grundfos and that ensures that you benefit from exceptional quality and reliability. We have products to fit all budgets and that ensures that you can find everything you are looking for.
Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 CWC-3 Macerator For Wall Hung WC
(Code: BB98565)
£ 559.98
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