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Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor Heating at Plumb2u
The installation of underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm, comfortable and stylish. Underneath the floor you will find pipes which are filled with water. These circuits distribute heat by transferring warmth from one area all over again so it's always ready when needed most - such as during winter months where floors can get chilly otherwise.
If you are looking to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home, then we have underfloor heating solutions you need. Whether you are installing a new system or are looking for replacement parts or controls, we make sure that we have a great choice of products. We recognise the importance of quality which is why all of our products come from manufacturers we can trust. They are built using high-quality materials and are built to last so whether you are looking for underfloor heating pipes and fittings, heating controls or heating packs, we have a product for every job. You’ll find products from PLumb2U, Salus and Tweetop, all of which guarantee that you will benefit from cost-effective products that enable you to take advantage of underfloor heating and the comfort it brings. You can also take control of your underfloor heating with smart controls while we offer accessories that make it possible to finish off your installation professionally.
You can find more details about some of our main category products below:
Underfloor Heating Controls
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Underfloor Heating Panels and Fittings
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Underfloor Heating Accessories
They are intelligent thermostats that are in charge of motorising the temperature and keeping it at a constant temperature in all areas of the house.
Some of our underfloor heating controls top sellers are:
It consists of a network of plastic pipes, which are installed under the pavement, through which hot water circulates at a temperature of around 35 degrees. In other systems, for example in a traditional radiator system, the water can reach up to 75 ºC to provide the necessary heat through the radiators.
 Our range includes respected brands such as Maincor, Plumb2u, Polypipe and Tweetop.
The surface of the panels generates an infrared heat flux with a wavelength of no more than 5 micrometres, most of which is absorbed by the human body and objects in the room.
When the heat flux raises the temperature of the objects in the room to 20-22°C, thermal comfort is achieved with an air temperature of 18-19°C, thus achieving energy savings of at least 20% compared to an air convection system.
Some of our underfloor heating panels top sellers are:
Heating manifolds provide independent flow and return circuits to each radiator, making control of the energy requirement per radiator that much easier. Hydraulic balancing between circuits is easier and can also be done on the manifold with an integrated flow meter.
Our products come from a range of manufacturers and that guarantees that you will benefit from using manufacturers such as Inta and Polypipe.
They are a set of products used to build your underfloor heating. It is composed of pre-assembled and pre-wired control unit that comes with an A-rated pump, valves and pumps.
Our products come from a range of manufacturers and that guarantees that you will benefit from using manufacturers such as Maincor and Polypipe.

Plumb2u Underfloor Heating Accessories

Discover a complete catalogue of components and accessories for underfloor heating. In our shop you can buy all kinds of additional components for your underfloor heating installation.
Some of our underfloor heating accessories top sellers are:
If you have questions about Underfloor Heating here you can find some FAQ's
1. Can underfloor heating replace radiators?
Yes, underfloor heating offers numerous advantages such as even heat distribution and space-saving benefits.
2. How underfloor heating works?
Underfloor heating is a great and cost-effective way to keep your home warm during winter. The system works by installing electric heaters under the floor of an enclosed space like a room or hallways, so that they're near all walls but not directly exposed to air outside their sealed environment - this helps them stay heated without having any fuel consumption costs.
3. Why use underfloor heating?
Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long. It's also more efficient than traditional methods for generating heat, which means you'll use less energy overall! To set up underfloor installation in new or existing homes with Vinyl plank flooring (or other types), just make sure there are no gaps between boards when installing then pressurized system into place – giving it firm support along each edge so that air doesn't seep through into living spaces above, and yes this includes bathrooms because they're often very close together here too .
4. What is an underfloor heating manifold?
An underfloor heating manifold is a device that distributes warm air to all the floors in your home. It's usually installed during construction and can be quite expensive, but it will last for years with proper maintenance.
The best way I've found when installing this kind of system at my place was by asking around from other people who already had one or two systems like mine going on--just make sure you get references before committing yourself so as not end up regretting later down the line if things go wrong.
5. Does the underfloor heating need maintenance?
The frequency of maintenance for your underfloor heating system will depend on how often it is used.
It’s important to clean and vacuum the floors every 6-12 months, but if you only use them occasionally then this may be reduced down further or even eliminated altogether without any harm being done!  You should also check that sealant has been applied where necessary before going ahead with Visitors Mode (a program which turns off valves during authorised users).