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Your toilet flush system is made up of a number of parts but the filling valve enables your cistern to fill up with fresh water in readiness for use. However, if your filling valve develops a fault or has failed completely it means that your toilet becomes unusable. Furthermore, your filling valve might not be water efficient in the same way as modern parts which means that it makes sense to make a change. The filling valve helps to regulate the process of filling your cistern with water which means that it prevents the cistern from overfilling. AtPlumb2U, we have a variety of filling valves available to suit a range of designs, ensuring you can find what you are looking for.

We have products from leading manufacturers including Wirquin, Ideal Standard and Geberit spares. They are affordable and easy to fit too, which means that you can solve your problem without the hassle.

SIAMP 34951309 Cistern Inlet Float Valve Diaphragm Washer
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