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Our extensive range of radiators and towel rails is selected to suit all your needs from small plan radiators to designed coloured towel rails
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Radiators range at
At Plumb2U, we have a wide range of radiators on offer that are designed to give your home the warmth it needs. You will find radiators from leading manufacturers such as Henrad and Vogue UK ensuring you find everything you are looking for. We understand that every home is different and that means that it’s important that you find the right radiator.
We strive to offer a range of products that enables you to find compact radiators, single panel convector radiators and double panel double convector radiators. They are all designed to fit into the style of your home while providing excellent reliability and durability too. Installation is quick and efficient, enabling you to replace and install our radiators in no time at all. We make sure that our products are offered at competitive prices and as well have a wealth of options available to pick from, you are certain to find the radiators you need for your home.
Central Heating radiators
Column Radiators
Flat Panel Radiators
Heated Towel Radiators
Vertical Radiators
Heating Panels

Plumb2u Central Heating Radiators range

If you are looking for a simple solution that will provide your home with the heating it needs, then our central heating radiators are everything you are looking for. Our Henrad radiators come with a smart and simple design, ensuring they look great and perform as you expect them to.
They are a popular choice and they come in a wide range of sizes, ensuring they fit any home and space. In general, they will consist of both panels and convectors, ensuring they have the ability to deliver heat via radiation and convection. You will find that our compact radiators are available in a variety of sizes and we have both single and double panel options available to choose from. You will also have the option to choose from a range of heights and widths, making it possible for you to find exactly what you are looking for and all at a price that you can afford.

Plumb2u Column Radiators range

As an alternative to standard radiators, column radiators are designed to give you the potential to add style and charm to any space. They have a more traditional appearance and are commonly found in period properties although we now make it possible for you to achieve a unique look. 
We have a wide range of Henrad column radiators and they can be found in 2, 3 and 4 column styles, enabling you to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to make a statement or you simply want something that fits with the style of your property, we have a range of widths, heights and styles for you to choose from. They offer excellent performance which means that they will heat your property efficiently while they will add a touch of character at the same time. If you are looking for column radiators at affordable prices, we are confident that our range will tick every box.

Plumb2u Flat Panel Radiators range

If you are looking to inject style and character into your home, our flat panel radiators are all that you’re looking for. They make a great alternative to standard radiators while still delivering the excellent level of performance that you expect. We make sure that our radiators consist of the highest quality and that’s why we use manufacturers such as Henrad. To make sure we have something for everyone, we have a huge range of sizes to pick from, enabling you to find the perfect radiator. 
You will find a wide range available which includes the Type 11 and Type 22 and we offer varying heights and widths, offering even more flexibility when it comes to fulfilling your needs. They offer an excellent level of comfort and warmth and they also come with an affordable price tag which means you can achieve the look and finish that your home deserves.

Plumb2u Heated Towel Radiators range

When it comes to designing a modern bathroom, it’s important that you have access to the right accessories such as heated towel radiators. They enable you to create a distinctive look and feel as they have a completely unique design when compared to standard radiators. We offer Vogue UK heated towel radiators and that guarantees that every product we offer consists of quality and durability.
We have them in a range of fuel types such as dual fuel, electric only and heating only while we have models with curved crossbars, flat crossbars and square tubes, helping you to find a solution that fits your design needs. They enable you to save room at floor level and with their chrome look and design, they will add a touch of style and character to your bathroom. So, if you’re looking for a versatile radiator that looks the part, our heated towel radiators tick every box.

Plumb2u Vertical Radiators range

Vertical radiators provide an excellent alternative to standard radiators without compromising on the benefits that they offer. If you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your space and you want to add a focal point, then our vertical radiators from Henrad are the ideal choice. They can help you to save floor space and wall space as they are neat and compact, yet they still have the ability to provide adequate heat. 
All of the vertical radiators we supply are designed with durability and reliability in mind while they are simple to install. We have a range of heights and widths enabling you to find the ideal radiator for your home. Whether it’s a kitchen, a bedroom or a bathroom, they are ideal for delivering comfort and warmth while also injecting style at the same time. We offer our vertical radiators at affordable prices, enabling you to take advantage of all that they offer.

Plumb2u Heating Panels

 The Trianco Heating Panels are an innovative and efficient solution for home heating, combining advanced technology with user-friendly features. These ceramic heating panel are designed to provide cost-effective warmth by utilizing infrared technology, which heats objects and people directly rather than just the air, ensuring a more consistent and comfortable temperature. With its dual-control thermostat, you can easily set and maintain the perfect temperature for each room, maximizing energy efficiency and comfort.
The panels are powder-coated for durability and comes with a smart plug that allows for remote control via a smartphone app, enabling you to adjust the heating settings from anywhere with WIFI access. Additionally, the panels are versatile in its installation options; it can be wall-mounted using the provided bracket or used as a freestanding unit with optional wheels. This flexibility ensures that the Trianco Aztec Infrared Ceramic Heating Panel can seamlessly fit into any home setup, providing a tailored heating experience that meets your needs.
If you have questions about Radiator and Towel Rail range we offer, here you can find some FAQ's
1. Are there different types of radiators?
Yes, there is different kinds of radiators. The main types of radiators are electric radiators or plumbed radiators.
Plumbed radiators. These radiators are fills with hot water to heat the house. They are generally connected to a central heating system via pipes and hot water flows through these pipes and into the radiators themselves transferring hot water into the radiator and the water is heated using a boiler.
Electric radiators. An electric radiator is filled with thermofluid, which is heated by an electrical element, powered by a plug or wired into the mains. It doesn’t need pipes to connect the radiators and they only need electricity to rum.
Dual fuel radiators. An intelligent and practical combination of both plumbed and electric variations, a dual fuel radiator features the same sort of heating element that an electric radiator has, but it is connected to your plumbed central heating too. This allows for the radiator to be used as part of the entire central heating of your home, while also offering the independent functionality on offer with an electric design.
2. What type of radiator is better for my house?
Both plumbed and electric radiator have benefits to consider before making the decision on which heating system works better for you. 
Plumbed systems are an efficient choice when heating up your whole home.
Electric radiators are convenient if you want to heat up one room quickly, such as a guest room with no existing heating system.
3. Where is the best place to install the radiators?
Traditionally, the best place to install the radiators under the windows because it generally is the coldest place in the room. Installing the radiators close to the windows will help to keep the place away from outdoors humidity. It also helps to create better heat conduction.
It is recommended not to install the radiators behind any furniture as they can restrict the airflow and will make your system less efficient.
To make the most of your heating system, adding a reflector foil behind it can help to reduce the losing of heat.
4. What is a BTU?
BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the measure of the output for a radiator. Every radiator has an BTU assigned. You need to calculate the BTU required for each room you would like to add a radiator in.
5. Do I need valves for the radiators?
Plumbed radiators need 2 valves. They need to be buy separately from the radiator. The valves connect the heating pipes to the radiator and controls the amount of heat you’ll get.
There are two kinds of valve to consider, thermostatic or manual.
Manual valves work like a tap, you simply twist to adjust the flow of heat.
A thermostatic valve will react to the temperature of the room and will self-regulate to a certain point. We offer a wide range of radiator valves.
6. How to maintain the radiators?
Electric radiators generally don’t need a big maintenance. However, for plumbed radiators, it is recommended to keep a maintenance to help the efficiency of the radiators.
Plumbers recommend to have at least a yearly maintenance to make sure your heating system is up and running. We offer a variety of central heting chemical products to help you with the maintenance process as leak sealer, heating protector liquid and much more.
7. What are the types of heated towel radiators?
There are 3 different kinds of towel radiator depending on the fuel type they use to produce the heat.
Plumbed. They required pipes to be connected to the heating system and to be connected with the boiler.
Electric. It doesn’t need a pipe system. It only requires connection to the mains electric system to make it works.
Dual fuel. These are plumbed towel warmers with an electric heating element installed, making it ‘dual fuel’. This means that the towel warmer will heat up when your central heating is on in the winter, and also give you the option to use the heating element independently when the central heating is off.