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Bellseal Fix 'n Seal

Simple to fit Bellseal
Fix 'n Seal securely attaches bathroom fixtures like baths, shower trays, basins, and kitchen worktops to walls. It offers long-lasting, flexible, and robust sealing, preventing leaks effectively.

No additional sealants, no mess
Bellseal Fix 'n Seal is a clean, hassle-free alternative to traditional sealants for bathroom fixtures. It prevents water damage without the mess and eliminates the need for additional hardware, reducing installation costs.

Loved by both trade professionals and DIY customers
Bellseal's Fix 'n Seal is a popular smart sealant product, beloved by both trade professionals and DIY customers. It's a two-part system with a black thermoplastic DPC membrane and a white heavy-duty butyl membrane, providing strong adhesion to various surfaces without needing additional products or hardware.