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Electric Boilers

Plumb2u offers a wide range of Electric Boilers at a competitive price.
Type of Boilers. Choose the right boiler for your home

Combination boilers

Great performance, great savings
Combination boilers deliver both central heating and instantaneous hot water without the need for a hot water cylinder. Modern combi boilers can now meet the demands of more than one bathroom.
Best used for
  • Better suited for homes with one bathroom
  • Hot water is generated only when it's required and does not need a water storage tank
  • Compact in size, so ideal for smaller homes

System boilers

For homes that use more hot water
System boilers are traditionally fitted with an unvented hot water cylinder which provides an increased capacity of hot water. The fact that the pump and controls are contained within the boiler casing counts towards a simple and space saving solution.
Best used for
  • Better suited for homes with more than one bathroom
  • Delivers a constant supply of hot water, so perfect for homes with higher hot water needs
  • Needs a water cylinder to store hot water
A simple and effective straight swap solution
Also known as conventional boilers that are fitted in many UK homes. Regular boilers offer a simple and straight forward boiler replacement solution that traditionally requires a loft space to house the feed and expansion tank.
Best used for
  • Better suited for homes with multiple bathrooms
  • Ideal where a lot of hot water is used at the same time, in multiple rooms
  • Regular boilers are compatible with solar water and heat pump heating systems
Plumb2u electric boilers range
Our electric boilers are available in a range of options including combi, system and regular boilers. We place a focus on ensuring our electric boilers are manufactured by leading suppliers including Trianco and Strom. This provides complete peace of mind because they come with extensive warranties and impressive reliability. We have boilers to fit all kinds of budgets ranging from boilers that are ideal for small properties through to large properties. They are compact and quiet and are commonly suitable for those properties that are off the gas grid. They can deliver hot water and heating with efficiency and they can be sited almost anywhere in the property. They are silent and provide almost a zero-risk of carbon monoxide. Furthermore, they are simple to operate and benefit from having minimal moving parts which helps to enhance reliability.
Why choose an electric boiler?
There are many advantages of using electric boilers instead of gas boilers. See some of the benefits of using electric boilers below:
  • Electric boilers are cheaper and more scalable. In general, electric boilers cost less than gas ones. It may vary depending on the brand or model you are looking at. On our website, we have electric boilers ranging from £500 to £1500 and from power outputs of just 2KW ideal for small flats or offices to 24 KW units capable of heating the biggest homes and providing hot water to multiple rooms.
  • No risks of oil and gas leaks. Because electric boilers simply require a mains water connection and an electric connection they have no chances of causing dangerous leaks of flammable substances such as oil or gas that can result in fires or even worse, explosions. Plus the risk of deadly carbon monoxide leaks is zero.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Because electric boilers function in a simpler way compared to gas boilers, they have less moving parts which in turn increases their reliability and reduces maintenance costs which can be zero with the right conditions. It is still advised to have regular checks on the electric boilers but it is not mandatory as with gas boilers especially in rented properties.
  • Flexible installation. As eclectic boilers don’t require a flue pipe to be installed, the boilers can be installed in more locations compared to a gas boiler. They also require less space and piping.
  • Electric boilers are quieter than gas boilers. Overall, due tu the components and the use of them, the electric boilers are generally quieter than gas boilers.
If you have questions about Boilers here you can find some FAQ's
1. What type of boiler will I need?
Most households across the UK use a combi boiler for heating and hot water due to them being highly efficient, more affordable and smaller in size so you do not need as much storage room. 
The issue with combi boilers is that it becomes insufficient if you are a large household with multiple bathrooms and are looking for a higher demand of hot water.
In this instance, you would require the use of a system boiler. The system boiler is accompanied by a hot water cylinder tank to allow for storage of hot water. This means that you will have a constant supply of hot water to accommodate various showers and taps in the same household.
A regular boiler is the least common types of boilers. Regular boilers are used for houses with high demands of hot water, that use an older, traditional heating system. They are also used for properties in an area known to have low water pressure.
Both system and regular boilers require more storage room.
Still don't know which one work best for you? Get it touch with the manufacturer to request further details about products.
2. What KW boiler do I need?
KW is the amount of power output for the unit. The power that you will need will vary depending on the property. A good indication of what KW you need is by the number of radiators in your household. 
If you live in a small flat or apartment with only a few radiators, a small compact boiler will be ideal for both usage and efficiency.
A medium sized boiler will be required for an average house of three to four bedrooms, something between 24-30kw should suffice.
A much larger household with plenty of radiators would require a boiler with a significantly bigger output (around 35-42kw) to be able to cope with the demands of the property.
3. What courier do you use to deliver boilers and where do you deliver to?
We deliver in and around London using our own delivery vehicles. Delivery time is usually next working day, however on some rare occasions this may not be physically possible.
If a boiler is ordered for delivery outside of London, it will be dispatched directly from the manufacturer to your stated delivery address. Please note that this does rely on stock availability from the manufacturer. If there is a slight delay to your order, we will contact you.
4. Do you offer discounts on bulk buys?
Unfortunately, the price stated on the website is normally the lowest we can offer, however please feel free to get in touch before purchasing as we may be able to offer a slight discount on some occasions.
5. Can I return a boiler after opening the box?
We advice you to check you received the correct boiler and make sure the power and model is adecuate for your property. If you have any doubts about which model will suit you best, please contact your plumber or expert for advice.
Please note, once the boiler box is open, we won't be able to accept any returns.
6. Looking for further advise?
We always recommend contacting the manufacturers technical line directly, who will then be able to assist you with what boiler to choose to fit your exact requirements.