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Digital Room Thermostats

Digital room thermostats sellection

If you are looking for an easy way to control your heating then our digital room thermostats provide the perfect solution. They have the ability to sense the room temperature and then turn your heating on as and when required. If the room is too cold, then the heating will turn on and once the temperature reaches the desired temperature, it will turn your heating off. It means that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature in individual rooms. There is a wide range of digital options available to fit your budget and that means that you can create individual programs and schedules so that your heating fits your needs and lifestyle. You can take advantage of pre-set programmes and even choose between and off periods each day. We have products from top manufacturers such as Honeywell Home and Polypipe and that ensures that you can benefit from reliability and excellent functionality across the range.
Polypipe UFHPROGB Programmable Digital Room Thermostat
Discontinued Product
£ 79.99
Honeywell Home Wireless Digital Room Thermostat DT92E1000
(Code: 3310468)
Discontinued Product
£ 109.99