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Heating Controls at Plumb2u
Heating controls are integral to any home as they will enable you to have greater control over how you use your heating system. We have a range of heating controls that can be easily installed in your home, working alongside your system to offer better efficiency while helping you to save on your energy bills. You will have the ability to control the temperature within your home and you can set timers so your heating and hot water comes on at a time that suits you. We have a range of manual and smart heating controls available, giving you the opportunity to find a solution that works for you. Whether you want to control your heating while on the move or you prefer to keep things simple, we have a solution for every home and every budget. If you want to have greater control over how and when you use your heating, then Plumb2U has a wide range of heating controls available to order.
You can find more details about some of our main category products below:
Smart Heating Controls
Underfloor Heating Controls
Programmable Thermostats
Wireless Room Thermostats
Motorised Valves
Manual Radiator Valves and TRVs
Smart Heating Controls are clever thermostatic devices fitted to your heating system. Their technology can help you controlling your heating remotely from smartphone, tablet or other internet connected devices. It will allow you to easily turn the heating on/off and it will allow you to control room temperatures room by room. This gives you more opportunities to save money in heating bills by not heating up rooms that you don’t use.
One of our top selling products is the Worcester Bosch Easy Control Starter Kit 7736701556 coming with the smart thermostat and 3 smart radiator valves. 
Underfloor heating is an effective alternative to traditional heating systems. The underfloor heating pipes can be installed with many types of floors and give more flexibility in space design. This type of heating warms the whole room, meaning fewer cold spots. Controlling underfloor heating with the correct thermostat settings saves energy and money, while keeping your home comfortably warm. Here you will find a variety of thermostats & controls for underfloor heating.
We have wide range of Heatmiser and Polypipe underfloor heating products from heating controls to floor panels or pipes. You can find all the underfloor heating products here.
At Plumb2u we offer a wide range of digital and analogue programmable thermostats which provides automatic time and temperature control of radiator, cooling and warm air heating systems. Wired and Wireless (RF) versions are available, as is the automatic time set option. 
Choose the thermostat that suit you the best from our heating experts brands as Salus or Honeywell Home.
Wireless thermostats control heating systems over radio frequencies. They are also known as RF thermostats. Generally, they are battery powered, making them portable so they can be placed wherever is most convenient. These thermostats are easy to programme and easy to place in the rooms that matter. 
You can shop RF thermostats at Plumb2u form one of the following manufacturers: Salus thermostats, Honeywell Home thermostats or Polypipe products.
A motorised valve is used to control the flow of water in a central heating system. The motorised valve can be used for control of both heating and hot water, and it works by controlling the flow of water from the heating boiler to other parts of the system.
There are two types of motorised valve used in domestic heating systems: two port (also called zone valves), and three port (also called mid position valves). From mid-position valves, zone valves and replacement heads, we have a full range of motorised valves in stock from Salus, Banico and Honeywell Home.

Plumb2u Manual Radiator Valves and TRVs range

Manual radiator valves. The manual radiator valve is only used to control whether the radiator is on or off and keeps you in control of your radiators temperature whenever you turn it on.
Thermostatic radiator valves or TRVs measure the temperature in the room and then adapt the heat output of the radiator. When the room temperature reaches the desired level, the valve closes to stop the flow of water and prevent the radiator from getting any hotter.
What's the difference between manual and thermostatic radiator valve?
A thermostatic valve or TRV as it is often called will shut off the radiator if the temperature has been reached for the room, whereas a manual valve will only close if you physically go and turn it off.