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Gledhill brand
Gledhill was established in 1926 by 2 brothers Norman and Joe Gledhill who began manufacturing domestic copper hot water cylinders. By the 1950s the Gledhill family business had grown and developed into becoming the UK’s market leader in hot water cylinders. Continuous growth caused the Gledhill Blackpool manufacturing facility to outgrow its original site. This means that the 2 Gledhill brothers moved the site of their operations to a larger facility located next to the Blackpool airport which is where our head office is situated today and is manufacturing our marketing leading stainless steel cylinders.
The continuous growth of the Gledhill brand has allowed us to develop and build a vast product portfolio that includes, Copper, Stainless Steel, Solar, Pre-Plumbed, Thermal Storage, and Heat Pump compatible hot water cylinders allowing us to provide our customers with the heating solution they are looking for.
Why choose Gledhill?
Manufacturer warranty
High Quality products
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Manufacturer warranty
Renewable Energy
Providing the heating solutions that meet our customers’ needs, Gledhill has built a unique distribution network consisting of 5 distribution hubs that are geographically located across the UK offering effective, widespread product availability. With our manufacturing site situated in Blackpool as well as owning our fleet of Gledhill vehicles, we have full control over our distribution chain allowing us to add more value to our customers and meet the growing demand for hot water cylinders and constant environmental changes whilst offering the high service expectation that we are known for.
Gledhill customer care
If you have any techical question or you need any help with your warranty, you can contact the Gledhill customer service time. They will be happy to help with any query. If you have any query, you can contact Gledhill on:
Phone     01253 474584
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