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Hot Water Cylinders

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Hot Water Cylinders at Plumb2u
Find the perfect hot water cylinder for your home with Plumb2U. Our extensive range includes options for every household size and budget. Whether you're looking for an energy-efficient model to reduce bills or a high-capacity cylinder for a busy family, we've got you covered. Enjoy durable, top-brand products that promise long-lasting performance and optimal heating efficiency. Upgrade your home's comfort with Plumb2U's hot water solutions, designed to meet all your heating needs with ease.
At Plumb2U,  we have a wide selection of hot water tanks and cylinders to meet your needs. From leading brands like Gledhill, Joule, RM Cylinders and Worcester Bosch. We have everything you need for any home heating system in stock.
The type of hot water cylinder you need will depend on your home's heating system and how it is installed. For example, if there are dual boilers with variable temperature settings then two types may be needed - one for warmer waters as well as another designed specifically towards cooler temps so that everyone in the house has access to warm bath time.
You can find more details about some of our main category products below:
Vented Cylinders
Unvented Cylinders
Heat Pump Cylinders
The cylinders require connection to a cold-water tank which feeds the cylinder with water. This type of storage is most commonly found in traditional central heating systems, and uses gravity for distribution around your home.
These tanks are perfect for those who need their showers to be of high quality. If you have low water pressure, this is the type of cylinder that will work well with your home's plumbing system because it doesn't rely on mains power like other types do.
We have vented cylinders from manufactures such as Gledhill and one of there popular products is Gledhill 1050x400mm Indirect Stainless Vented 114L ReplaCyl SEREP42X16IND.
Unvented cylinders are a popular choice for home heating systems. This type of boiler does not require the installation and maintenance associated with installing an engineered- entrancing system, as it uses mains water pressure instead to run its heaters inside your house or apartment building's plumbing fixtures (such at toilets). The best benefit is you can save space by not needing another storage tank in your loft.
The cost is higher than the vented cylinder type, but they are more energy efficient and last longer because these tanks are made from stainless steel.
Some of our unvented cylinders top sellers are:
Heat pump cylinders are specifically designed to work seamlessly with heat pump systems, offering an energy-efficient way to heat your home's water. 

Our heat pump cylinders feature advanced insulation, ensuring maximum heat retention and efficiency for your heating system. This means lower energy usage and reduced utility bills, without compromising on your home’s comfort. They are available in various sizes to suit different home requirements, whether you live in a compact apartment or a spacious house.

By choosing a heat pump cylinder from Plumb2U, you're investing in a sustainable future. These cylinders are not just energy-efficient, but also have a longer lifespan, reducing waste and the need for frequent replacements. 
Pro and cons of using hot water cylinders

Pros of using hot water cylinders:

  • It´s ideal for large homes. They can heat water in houses with 1 or 2 bathrooms.
  • The hot water cylinder is an efficient and versatile fuel source when it comes to sustainable energy options. Not only does the use of a solar power or biomass fuels allow for cleaner heating, but you can also choose between direct immersion heaters in order not have any piping leave your house's walls.
  • The backup system will keep your home warm and toasty during power outages or other emergencies.

Cons of using hot waters cylinders:

  • They don´t provide service if taps, showers and radiators are opened at the same time.
  • A hot water cylinder can only hold a finite amount of fluids before it runs out. It's certainly large enough to deal with normal daily demand, but if you have lots visitors and the need for fixtures is too high then be prepared; your wait may exceed one hour.
  • The hot water is heated in advance and is therefore often heated more than is necessary. This means it’s less efficient, and that you’ll have slightly higher energy and water bills as a result.
If you have questions about Hot Water Cylinders here you can find some FAQ's
1. What is a hot water cylinder?
A hot water cylinder is a water storage tank that is used to contain hot water in certain types of central heating systems. This hot water tank is used to provide hot water to your kitchen taps, bathroom taps and shower. You'll often find the hot water tank in the airing cupboard in your house if you have one of these tanks. Have a look at our blog post about the differences between vented and unvented cylinders to learn more.
2. What is the difference between a direct and indirect hot water cylinder?
There is the consideration over whether it should be directly or indirectly heated.
Direct: A direct hot water cylinder heats water through an immersion heater found inside the cylinder. The cylinder is therefore not connected to a boiler.
Indirect: An indirect hot water cylinder heats the water using an external heat source, such as an electric boiler. The water is heated in the cylinder through a coil that is heated by the appliance.
3. What are the differences between vented and unvented cylinder?
A traditional vented cylinder requires connection to  a water tank, usually in a loft or attic space, using gravity to deliver hot water to the home.   An unvented cylinder uses a pressurised system, that has a direct feed from your cold water supply, so there is no need for a cold water storage tank in the loft or attic.
4. What are the advantages of a hot water cylinder?
  • Suitable for larger homes: Hot water cylinders are a great choice for larger homes with greater demands for hot water. While electric combi boilers and gas combi boilers are able to heat water on demand in smaller properties, they cannot cope with several taps, showers and radiators and towel rails being turned on simultaneously.
  • Boiler systems that use hot water cylinders, however, can store large quantities of hot water in advance. This hot water can then be sent throughout the home as needed.
  • Versatile: A hot water cylinder is also a versatile option for modern homes. Water can be heated either directly or indirectly or through sustainable means like solar power and biomass fuels.
  • Backup hot water: A vented hot water system backup heat source can also be added to an indirect boiler system to ensure that hot water is available should the boiler fail.
5. Do you stock all the cylinders from your catalogue?
We stock some units in our branches but we usually send them directly from our suppliers. Please check our Shipping options here and our return policy here.