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Compression Ball Valves

Compression Ball Valves at 

If you are looking to replace a compressionball valve or you require the part as part of a complete installation, we havea range of compression ball valves for you to choose from. Ball valves help tocontrol the flow using a ball or sphere while the handle makes it possible tocontrol the flow when you need to. This product is perfect for when you need toshut off or control the flow of water interior plumbing systems while they areideal for both commercial and domestic use. We have a variety of products tochoose from in a range of sizes and they come from a range of manufacturerswhich means that we have something for all budgets and needs. They are durableand reliable which means that they are designed to last. This product makes itpossible to manage the water supply, enabling it to be turned off correctly andquickly, ensuring you can isolate water when required.