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At Plumb2u, we understand the importance of pumps which is why we make sure that we offer a wide range of pumps for a variety of needs. When it comes to plumbing and heating, in some instances it is not possible to rely on gravity to help move water around a system and so, a pump is required to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. Pumps can take many forms and include the likes of shower pumps, main pumps, accumulator pumps, submersible pumps and macerators and they all serve an important purpose.

We supply a wide choice of top brands from the likes of Stuart Turner, Salamander Pumps and Grundfos, ensuring that you can find affordable products that are built to do exactly what you expect. We are constantly updating our range of products and that ensures that you always have access to the latest pumps on the market. So, when it comes to pumps, we are confident that we have everything you are looking for.