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Tapworks Water Softeners

is focused on automatic water softeners. Tapworks offer a dedicated range to support domestic properties, large residential and light commercial. Complimented with, a single point water filter, which completes the Tapworks off the shelf range.
Tapworks is driven to provide: quality first, reliability, ease of installation, good availability with excellent support and customer service. With over 90 years of industry knowledge and excellence behind them, you can be sure you are making the correct decision when choosing any of Tapworks range.
About Tapworks Water Softeners

Tapworks Offical Stockist and Partner

Plumb2u is proud to be an official seller and stockist of Tapworks. On you'll find the full range of Tapworks products from water softeners to water filters. The Tapworks range is easy and simple to install and the most popular model is the NSC11PRO water softener which is designed for homes up to 7 people.
Tapworks range of products is mainly water softeners and drinking water systems. Tapworks water softeners have made it easy to install and own a water softener. 
Not only does softened water feel better, it's also better for the environment and your pocket. Skin will feel softer; and you will use a lot less detergent for laundry and cleaning products. The benefits are excellent with a water softener paying for itself over the years of its use.
With over 90 years of experience of manufacturing and producing the best automatic water softener products in the world choosing a Tapworks Water Softener is an easy choice.
Tapworks sell peace of mind and they are proud of the quality fist products they sell. The NSCPRO 9, 11 and 14 ltr models all come with a universal installation kit and bypass with flexible hoses included; no need to buy separately, this all comes in the box with NO extra cost to add.
Tapworks makes Selecting, Buying, Installing and Owning a Water Softener Easy.
Tapworks controls are simple to use and easy to set up. NO specialist commissioning required. 
Install with confidence, knowing that there will be years of trouble free soft water for the end user.
Tapworks Water Softener INC INST KIT 9+ People - NSC4218
(Code: NSC4218)
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