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Vented Cylinders

Vented Cylinders at

Vented Cylinders are commonly found in older properties and work with open vented or heat-only boilers. This is a crucial part of the home as it will ensure that you have access to hot water in your bathroom and kitchen. Vented cylinders will rely on a feeder tank to provide mains-fed cold water before it is heated in the cylinder and then distributed around the home.
They commonly work alongside regular boiler systems and are often made of copper with excellent insulation that helps to retain heat but also help your system to work more efficiently. We also provide direct and indirect vented cylinders, providing suitable options that fit your specific requirements.
They are constructed using durable materials and are low maintenance which can help to reduce costs while they are reliable too. You will also find a range of capacities to fit the needs of your home and family, ensuring you can find the right vented cylinder for your home.