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Underfloor Heating Controls

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When it comes to managing your underfloorheating, it makes sense to use the right controls that fit around yourlifestyle and your budget. Underfloor heating is a great addition to any homebut you want it to work when you need it which is where underfloor heatingcontrols can help you manage your system with ease. We stock a wide range ofheating controls to fit your exact requirements. This includes manual heatingcontrols and smart heating controls, giving you the level of control yourequire. They are easy to install and will give you control over yourunderfloor heating. As a result, you can opt to control your heating fromwithin your home or you can control it while out and about, ensuring you returnto a warm home. We offer products from a wide range of manufacturers such asHoneywell Home, ensuring you benefit from exceptional quality and the abilityto make sure that you get the most from your underfloor heating.

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£ 4,062.46
Polypipe UFH 2 Zone Master Unit RF PB2ZMRF
(Code: 5516569A)
Discontinued Product
£ 172.30
Polypipe UFH Single Zone Master Unit PB1ZM
(Code: 5516575)
£ 88.50