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Boiler Controls

Boiler controls range at Plumb2u

We offer a full range of boiler controls and all can work with your heating system to ensure you have greater control over how it is used. Your boiler is an integral part of your home but if you use it too often and unnecessarily then this is going to shorten its life. Furthermore, the more you use it the more energy you waste and the higher your bills will be. But, with our products, you can boost the performance of your boiler and enhance how it works for you and your home. You need to find a controller that will align with your lifestyle and your budget.

Whether you want the heating to turn on and off at set times or you want to have greater control over individual room temperatures, you need to consider our boiler controls. We stock top quality products from leading manufacturers such as Honeywell and Salus, giving you access to the very best.
Salus RXWBC605 Plug-In Receiver (Worcester Bosch Type)
(Code: 3300678)
Discontinued Product
£ 32.49
Worcester Bosch Comfort+ Timer 7738112321
(Code: 7738112321)
£ 104.95