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Water Softeners

We offer both electric and non-electric water softeners and work wiht brands from Calmag to Tapworks.
Our Water Softeners brands
Type of Water Softeners. Choose the right softener for your home

Electric Water Softeners

  • Perfect for if you have a serious hard water problem and want it solving immediatly
  • We stock electric water softeners from the brands: Tapworks, Calmag, Great Water, BWT and Monarch

Non-Electric Water Softeners

  • Requires less maintenance
  • Uses much less salt and have a significantly longer lifespan
  • We stock non-electric water softeners fron brans: Calmag and Monarch
Tablet and Block Salt

Tablet and Block Salt

We offer both tablet salt and block salt. They can be use in most water softeners for housing and comercial use. It is importatn that you check regularly (monthly) the salt and refil it to make sure your water softener is up and running.
If you have questions about Water Softeners here you can find some FAQ's
1. What is a water softener?
It’s a unit that is used to soften water, it is a filtration system which removes the minerals that cause the water to be hard. The water softener removes the ions that cause the water to be hard, in most cases calcium and magnesium ions. Iron ions may also be removed during softening.
Without a water softener, laundry demands extra detergent to prevent it from looking dingy. Dishes will come out of your dishwasher streaked and stained. Filmy scum builds up on your shower curtains and your soap and shampoo will not lather. Bathing in hard water leaves your skin itchy and dry and your hair lifeless and sticky. The sheer amount of time, energy, and money required to clean up the detrimental side effects of hard water is dizzying. A whole house water softener is the solution to the scourge of water hardness.
2. Are the installation kits included when you buy a water softener?
Most water softeners come with the standard installation kit. The installation kits can come in different sizes 15, 22 or 28mm.
If you need to know whether or not a specific model comes with an installation kit and its size, you can find the information on the product page or by contacting us.
3. What are the types of salt?
We offer both tablet salt and block salt. They can be use in most water softeners for housing and commercial use. It is important that you check regularly (monthly) the salt and refill it to make sure your water softener is up and running.
We offer tablet or block salt. You can see all salt products we offer or contact us if you need any help.
4. Benefits of using them? Why do I need a water softener? Is it worthy?
  • Saving money. Soft water lacks the mineral ions that cause build up in your pipes and appliances, saving you from costly repair bills. Mineral build up in a pipe narrows the area water can move through, which requires a higher pump pressure. It will also increase the amount of energy needed to keep water hot or cold. The build up also wreaks havoc on your appliances, which means more frequent repair or replacement costs for your dishwasher, laundry machines, coffee machines, water heaters, and ice makers.
  • Cleaner hear and softer skin. The mineral ions in hard water prevent it from being completely soluble with soaps, forming a precipitate in the form of soap scum.
  • Brighter and softer clothes. A water softener fixes the problem at the root, removing the minerals before they can build up on your dishes. And because soft water fuses with soaps and detergent more completely, there is more lather and more cleaning action in your dishwashing routine.
  • Less time cleaning. If you live in a home with hard water, you know how time-consuming cleaning can be. You are constantly re-washing dishes and laundry. You may spend hours a week scrubbing chalky lime and soap scum off the walls of your showers, sinks, and faucets. Using a water softener not only prevent the negative effects of hard water, but soft water fully dissolves and penetrates soap, less insoluble soap scum or curd collects in your bathroom. Saving the time you spend cleaning on a regular basis.
5. Which water softener is best for me? Which size?
The main factor to choose a water softener is the size of your home. The size and number of rooms in your home, particularly bathrooms, play a role in the size and cost. The more bathrooms, the more water needed to be softened through the system.
We offer many brands and sizes to help you find the one that best suits you.
6. How much salt do I need to use for my water softener?
Salt is usually added to the reservoir during regeneration of the softener. The more often a softener is regenerated, the more often salt needs to be added.

Usually water softeners are checked once a month. To guarantee a satisfactory production of soft water, the salt level should be kept at least half-full at all times.
7. Where to install a water softener?
Water softener installation is a straightforward process. The water softener is installed at the mains water supply; usually under the kitchen sink and is plumbed in to the pipes there. You can also install a water softener at any other point in your water supply, such as in your garage or pantry.
8. What are the differences between electric and non-electric water softeners?
Both electric and non-electric water softeners ultimately deliver very similar results for softened water which prevents costly build up on water-using appliances, eliminates white scale build up on sinks, fixtures, and glassware, is less harsh on skin, hair, and laundry, and has an overall clean, fresh taste. However, there are significant differences between the two systems.
The biggest difference is the fact that electric softeners work on an electric timer while non-electric systems work on a meter that turns as the water flows through it. By utilizing two tanks conjoined by one module, non-electric softener systems automatically regulate brining, backwashing, rinsing and shifting from one tank to the other only when enough water has passed through to deem it necessary to trigger more efficient cleaning. The process of the non-electric system reduces the amount waste water, salt, and electricity, which will ultimately save money.
14 litre standard electronic water softener
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