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Shower Pumps

In some instances, homes can suffer from low water pressure and this can mean that operating or even installing a shower can prove impossible. However, using our shower pumps, you can help to create a steady flow of water that is delivered at a high pressure, enabling you to use your shower as intended. The pumps are designed to offer a range of bar pressures and we also supply them with a variety of head types, enabling you to find the right solution. There is nothing more disappointing than having a shower when the flow of water is not sufficient enough but with our products, you can make that a thing of the past. Our range of products have been picked to provide quality and reliability which is exactly what you get from manufacturers such as Salamander. Each pump operates quietly while helping to improve efficiency and usability, ensuring you can use your shower in the way that you want to.
Salamander CT55 XTRA 1.5 Bar Single Positive Pump
(Code: DD50098B)
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