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Boiling Water Dispensers

Upgrade your home or workplace with our range of wall-mounted boiling water dispensers. Our dispensers are convenient, easy to use, and available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. With our boiling water dispensers, you'll have instant access to hot water, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen or workplace. They are easy to use, with simple controls that allow you to adjust the temperature and quantity of water you need. This reliable and innovative solution is wall-mounted, saving you valuable counter space and providing a sleek and modern look. They are available in a range of sizes, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. You can choose from boiling water dispensers from Hyco, ensuring you can benefit from reliability and quality. Investing in a boiling water dispenser offers numerous benefits, including convenience, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. They provide access to instant hot water, which means you'll never have to wait for a kettle to boil again.
Hyco Microboil 3L Boiling Water Unit 2.4kW MBS3
(Code: DD70113)
Discontinued Product
£ 604.75
Hyco Microboil 6L Boiling Water Unit 2.4kW MBS6
(Code: MBS6)
Discontinued Product
£ 669.99
Hyco Microboil 8L Boiling Water Unit 2.4kW MBS8
(Code: MBS8)
Discontinued Product
£ 742.95
Hyco Microboil 16L Boiling Water Unit 2.4kW MBS16
(Code: MBS16)
Discontinued Product
£ 999.00