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ATAG Heating Technology specializes in providing premium heating equipment. They are committed to reducing carbon emissions and have designed their heating equipment to have the lowest carbon emissions on the market. This commitment aligns with the growing need for eco-friendly heating solutions.
ATAG's 'i' range of boilers is recognized as one of the most efficient in Europe, emphasizing their focus on energy efficiency. Their boilers come with an impressive 12-year warranty as standard, with options to extend it to up to 18 years, showcasing the company's confidence in the durability and reliability of their products.
ATAG i28C Combi Boiler BC100328
(Code: BC100328)
£ 2,529.60
(-55.00%) £ 1,138.32
ATAG 45 Degree Flue Bend 60/100mm Single FA300045
(Code: FA300045)
£ 62.52
(-54.99%) £ 28.14
ATAG 500mm Flue Extension 60/100mm FA400500
(Code: FA400500)
£ 63.84
(-55.00%) £ 28.73
ATAG Pitched Roof Flashing Kit FA200300
(Code: FA200300)
£ 100.32
(-43.04%) £ 57.14
ATAG 87 Degree Flue Bend 60/100mm FA300090
(Code: FA300090)
Discontinued Product
£ 66.48
(-54.99%) £ 29.92
ATAG Water Treatment Pack Boxed Plastic 22mm FC000650
(Code: FC000650)
Discontinued Product
£ 234.00
(-55.00%) £ 105.30
ATAG iGuard Magnetic Filter 28mm Brass FC000250
(Code: FC000250)
Discontinued Product
£ 223.20
(-55.00%) £ 100.44