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Testing Equipment

A wide range of testing equipment is available to ensure that construction projects are executed flawlessly. From fume hoods to gas appliances, manufacturers such as Arctic Hayes and Monument Tools provide everything a tradesperson or DIY enthusiast needs to get the job done right.
One popular testing product is the white smoke cartridge, used to test fume hoods and air filters. This cartridge is highly effective at identifying leaks and blockages in air filtration systems, ensuring that harmful substances are not released into the air.
Smoke matches are another popular testing product. They are used for testing air flow and spillage testing of gas appliances. These matches provide a visual indication of air flow patterns, enabling tradespeople to identify any potential issues quickly and easily.
With a wide range of products available from leading manufacturers, it is easy to find the right testing equipment for any application. From white smoke cartridges to smoke matches, these products ensure that construction projects meet the highest standards of safety and performance.
Arctic Hayes Radiator Valve Change Kit 664130
(Code: 664130)
£ 25.28
Arctic Hayes Pressure Test Nipple 664040-U
(Code: 664040-U)
£ 1.50