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Mixer Showers

Mixer showers are perfect for those who want to have complete control over the temperature of their water by using both their cold and hot water feed. The water is fed into the shower system and it is here that the water is then blended together where you can then choose your ideal temperature. There are several different types of mixer showers available such as concealed mixer showers, bar mixer showers and exposed mixer showers. They are available from a range of reliable manufacturers such as Bristan and Triton, all of which are designed to fit your needs. From different styles to different designs and budgets, there is something for everyone. They can be used with a variety of water systems and boilers while they can be used with a shower pump to enhance performance and boost water pressure. So, if you are looking for a modern shower experience that works for you and your home, we have the right products for you. 
Grohe 27922001 Tempesta Thermostatic Shower
(Code: 27922001)
£ 327.50
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