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Valves at Plumb2u
When it comes to valves, we make sure that we stock a wide range of products. This ensures that you can find the valves you need. All of our valves are from manufacturers that we trust such as Honeywell Homes, Inta, Geberit, and Polypipe, and that guarantees that you will benefit from reliability and durability. We have pressure-reducing valves, compression ball valves, isolation valves, PRV and Auto by-pass valves, thermostatic mixing valves, and thermostatic radiator valves. Our valves are designed to work with your heating system, ensuring they function correctly and are safe too. Whether you want to control the temperature of your water or maintain the temperature of your radiators, you can be sure that we have the right solutions. It’s crucial that you use the right valves and that’s why we make sure that we have the products that you need. Built to last and offering exceptional value for money, you can find the products you need when you need them. 
You can find more details about some of our main category products below:
Pressure Reducing Valves
Compression Ball Valves
Isolation Valves
PRV and Autoby-pass Valves
Thermostatic Mixing Valves
Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Pressure reducing valves are self-operating control mechanisms that reduce high pressures to lower ones. They're commonly used in water, steam and oil & gas industries where their basic function is maintaining uniform flow rates regardless of fluctuations from upstream sources like rivers or lakes which can have greatly differing levels due natural factors such as rainfall while also being impacted by human activity nearby (such construction).
Some of our pressure reducing valves top sellers are:
Compression ball valves provide an easy way to shut off two copper pipes using the compression nut and sleeve method. These in-line turned on/off devices do not require any special tools or compounds for installation, making them perfect when you're working on projects without access to these supplies.
 Our range includes respected brand such as Inta.
The isolation valves are devices that isolate the actuation mechanism from media being moved. They can be configured as simple 2-way or multi port selector/diverters and typically used in applications where you need a off function but without having too much modulation for flow situations like those seen with spray painting equipment, air compressor tools, etc.
Some of isolation valves top sellers are:
The automatic bypass valve controls water flow in the heating circuit according to pressure across it and is used for maintaining a minimum rate through boilers. When other paths are closed, this helps protect against surges within pipelines as well as keeping instruments afloat.
Our products come from a range of manufacturers and that guarantees that you will benefit from using manufacturers such as Honeywell Home, Inta and Salus.
Thermostatic mixing valves are important for the safety of people who use hot water. They control how much heat gets put out by adjusting settings so that you don't end up burning yourself or someone else.
Some of our thermostatic mixing valves top sellers are:
The thermostatic radiator valve is designed to regulate the water temperature in your home. When it senses that the room temperature has dropped below optimum levels, this valve allows more hot water to enter the radiators to heat the room to the optimum temperature.
Some of our thermostatic radiator valves top sellers are:
If you have questions about Valves here you can find some FAQ's
1. What is the difference between thermostatic and manual radiator valves?
Thermostatic valves are great because they will automatically shut off the radiator when you walk away from it, but manual ones still need physical interference before they close.
2. Where is the thermostatic radiator valve?
Thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs for short can be found on the side of your radiators. They are an easy and effective way to control how warm a room becomes as they allow homeowners more heat options than just turning up one thermally-efficient boiler in each house.
3. What are the different types of radiator valves?
There are several different types:
  • Straight valves: Straight valves are great for connecting to pipes that need a vertical connection, such as those found in buildings. This type of valve has no slant at all and comes straight out from the ground so you can easily make contact with any other piece or surface on your installation without too much trouble.
  • Thermostatic valves: Thermostatic valves allow people to adjust the temperature at their radiator directly, which means they can change how warm or cool water flows through it and thus affect room temperatures.
  • Manual valve: The manual valve is the traditional type of thermostat. It's easy to use, but you can't see what temperature your radiator will turn up at or down at without opening up and adjusting it by hand with these valves compared to more modern types which have numbers on them. With this valve it looks like you are raising or lowering your radiator "blind", but it is possible to adjust the heat with this type of valve.
  • Angled valve: Angled valves are designed to work with radiators that have a difficult plumbing situation. They attach at right angles and can be installed in walls or ceilings so there's no need for long, exposed pipes running across your home’s floor boards.